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The other day I was chatting with a friend and they asked, "Have you ever noticed that there are people who would love nothing more than to make sure they drag you down?"
Hmmmmm. I haven't experienced that in a very looooong time and I'll tell you why.
 You see, there are two keys to making sure people like that don't affect you. 1st...Your recognition and rejection of them depends upon your awareness of their presence....and your refusal to take part in the negativity they like to be a part of. These "little darklings" must use human beings as their physical instruments, without which they have neither sound nor voice on earth.
The interesting thing about them is that they need your life to thrive. Without you they have no home. AND it is important to remember: These negative people have no entrance into your life unless you engage with them. 
Another key is to start your day in a positive way. Pump yourself up with positive energy so that no negativity can come close to you! Declare you affirmations! Listen to upbeat music or remember times that made you profoundly happy! Or call a dear friend that keeps you on the positive path!
 Begin today, this very moment, to come awake and refuse, actively, to spend one more moment of your life lending your precious force to their negative purposes. 
So here's to a positive and happy way to live! 
Much Love,
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